So what is NKT?

NKT is an assessment and treatment modality that addresses the cause of pain at its root in the motor control centre in the cerebellum.  These dysfunctional coordination and movement patterns are stored in the motor control centre.  An NKT practitioner will do various muscle tests to determine which muscles are compensating for weak/inhibited muscles.  When a muscle test fails it alerts the cerebellum which then becomes open to learning the proper movement patterns.  The practitioner will work to release the compensating muscles that are causing the faulty movement patterns and retest again to ensure that the new movement pattern has been stored in the motor control centre.  

Client's will be given exercises to do at home in order to maintain the proper movement patterns.  The number of treatments required varies from person to person.  Pain can be diminished or even stop completely within one session.  NKT testing is done before the massage (if needed) and clients are requested to wear comfortable loose fitted clothing during the testing.  

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